Welcome to Carradale Harbour

Currently one of Scotland’s less visited treasures, Carradale Harbour is located on the east side of the Kintyre peninsula which lies on Scotland’s west coast. The harbour looks out across the deep waters of Kilbrannan Sound towards towering mountains on the Isle of Arran, just 3 miles away. The Gulf Stream creates a milder climate here than is experienced further east in Scotland which makes this a desirable place to live or just to visit.

The coastline here is dramatic and rugged but the harbour is small and well sheltered, an appealing place to visit from the sea or the land. There is a small fleet of fishing boats using the harbour, the fishermen are friendly and less than a mile to the north is an established salmon fishery whose boats also use the harbour.

The Harbour is accessible at all states of the tide (maximum draft 2.0 metres below chart datum) although if planning to leave a vessel unattended here you should always first contact the Harbour Master.

Carradale Harbour….