The slip is open for business

slipopening.jpgWe made it! The final lorry drove away this week taking the last of the spoil with it, the fencing was taken down and finally our lovely new curved bench was installed, a place to rest and admire the view.

Champagne was used to toast the handover of the slip by the contractors, Macleod Construction  to Carradale Harbour Enterprises Limited, part of Network  Carradale Limited, the village’s community business. slipfirstuse.jpgThe project was part-financed by Axis 4 of the European Fisheries Fund 2007-2013 programme with contributions from Marine Harvest, East Kintyre Windfarm Trust and the Carradale Community. The main subcontractor was local firm AJC Civils.

The slip is available for use by anyone, with users being requested to make a small contribution to ongoing maintenance. It will be useful for launching small boats by visitors and locals and should be of great assistance to the Marine Harvest fish farm. One project, put forward during community consultation was a small ferry service across Kilbrannan Sound to Arran, which now has the capital infrastructure to get underway.




One use that was not anticipated, however, was as a picnic area in fine weather.

But no sooner is the slip open when the Flick family, from Hilversum in Holland, made use of it to spread out their lunch. Bon appetit!

Spirits un-dampened by a wet Harbour Day

The rain was forecast and so it came, in torrents, not what we would have wanted but contingency plans slipped into action from early in the morning. With an hour to go before start time the Village Hall, our backup location, was buzzing with activity. A team of volunteers was working hard in the car park despite the drenching they were receiving and two large marquees had been erected in no time at all giving us some dry space for the barbeque and the bar. Sadly the poor weather meant that the canoeists were unable to entertain us as planned but as midday approached it began to look like we still had a Harbour Day.

The crowds were soon pouring through the doors, dripping wet but undaunted in enthusiasm, and there were pirates everywhere, young and older.Ian-at-the-burgers.jpg



Homer-doing-the-judging.jpgThe big event of the day was the dog show which was judged this year by none other than Homer Simpson himself. Ever popular this proved to be a great success and the dogs behaved impeccably despite the crowds crammed in around them. Here are just a few of the entries…

Alan at the dog show

Immense gratitude goes to all who helped out and made the day such a great success. What a team!

Many more pictures can be found on the Harbour Facebook page.

Carradale Harbour Day – 2nd August 2014

This yHarbourDayPosterear the Harbour Day promises to be better than ever with a full timetable of events taking place throughout the afternoon. Once again we are going pirate-themed, including the fun dog show, which is a time to show off all your pet’s many talents. The Kintyre Canoe Club will be staging a canoe polo match in the harbour itself, a first for Carradale, and there will be loads of stalls and refreshments too. Just click on the poster here to enlarge.

For those expecting to see a new slip constructed in the harbour, well it’s not there yet but work is due to start very soon. There have been some delays which the Harbour Group team have been working hard to resolve… but it is coming!


Harbour Day success!

It has been many years since Carradale had a Harbour Day so nobody knew quite what to expect. In the end success was in the hands of the weather gods who thankfully smiled on us for most of the day.

By midday we had all the stalls set up and people began to arrive, then more, and then more still. Burgers and cakes began to disappear into mouths, drinks were being consumed, tickets for the tombola were moving fast and the treasure hunt squares were filling up.

Young faces painted as wild animals appeared here and there and strange piratical types brandishing cutlasses loitered about, without anyone really paying much attention!


The sun shone down on us all, swelling the crowds as the day progressed.



Another shipwrecked pirate played us a few jigs on his concertina to get us dancing then before we knew where we were the competition judging started.







First it was the turn of the pirates and this scary character took first prize here, then went on to judge the dog show afterwards. (Many thanks John.)




By this time there were dogs everywhere, thankfully mostly well behaved, and soon the competitions got underway – Best dressed dog, Best trick, Wiggliest tail, Most appealing eyes – then finally the grand finale was the Musical Sit.




The musicians took their places in the centre of the parade ring and dogs, with their owners firmly in hand, walked around waiting for the command. Each time the music stopped the last dog to sit dropped out until only one dog and owner were left. First prize went to Star and his highly trained, but very proud, owner Dominic. Well done to you both!

Come the end of the day the food had largely been consumed and Una Semple had won the prize for finding the hidden treasure. We all enjoyed ourselves immensely. Thanks must go to all the helpers, to those who donated gifts and prizes, to the stallholders and to all those who entered into the spirit of the day. You are all too numerous to mention individually but thanks anyway.

Many more pictures taken at Carradale Harbour Day 2013 can be found on the Carradale Harbour and the  Explore Campbeltown Facebook pages.